Bioshock Infinite 1999 mode

I’m halfway through my final playthrough of Bioshock Infinite and I must say I’m starting to loathe this game! This playthrough with it’s Scavenger Hunt restrictions is ridiculously difficult, there are no real payoffs other than the achievements I’ll receive for completing it; I could go on and on about it but I’d rather not. I did come across a set of video walkthroughs that on YouTube done by a gentleman who goes by the tag Seraphim17 (I may be wrong here) but these videos are so well done they are helpful when I get stuck, offer great tips for just surviving this mode, and actually done with a unique and light sense of humor that I find myself viewing his videos for the sake of enjoyment alone. He even manages to bring some enjoyment back into Bioshock Infinite!

Bioshock was the first video game I ever played. and I’ve been a huge fan of both Bioshock 2 and now Bioshock Infinite, all of which have their faults but to any other Bioshock Infinite fan out there struggling through the 1999 mode I highly recommend this guys videos. He’s easy to find, just head over to YouTube or Google something like 1999 mode walthrough and he’ll come up.