Monthly Archives: November 2013

Nostalgia Weekend

I’m not quite sure what came over me this weekend, but I went all out on the games from my early gaming days: Beautiful Katamari, Overlord 1, Bejeweled 2, and it’s been a blast! My XBox itself is in it’s dying days; making all kinds of noise from the disk drive and the hard drive is jammed packed.

Minecraft Meanie

I just started playing Minecraft on my xbox and although I love it I suck at it. Well today when I was out exploring, I came across an entire village! It was pretty advanced, so I decided to alter the difficulty to `peaceful’  where I wouldn’t be attacked and wiped the entire town out…they had all kinds of stuff! It was pretty mean but I got a great set of all kinds of stuff to get me back on track for the harder difficulties.

Minecraft for xbox 360

Now my thumbs really DO hurt! I’ve been playing Minecraft for so many hours it’s almost embarrassing. Well truthfully, I’ve been bedridden with a head injury, so I have an excuse (sorta)…

It’s a great open world sandbox kind of game, so there’s a lot of “live and learn” stuff going on. Right now I’m working on a long distance railroad project, and I noticed that all the materials needed to make a bed to pass the night (namely sheep) seem to disappear, so I made a chest containing an overnight kit to pack with me if I know I’m going to be away overnight, including a bed, a crafting table, extra wood, and lighting. That way I can sleep through the dark night safely and continue whatever I was doing in the daylight. It’s such a great game, and I passed it off as another stupid Lego’s type of game for so long, but it’s actually amazing!

Minecraft and GTAV

I got A trial version of Minecract XBox360 Edition and “bam!” I couldn’t keep my hands off it! Now I have the Android version, too. I played all night, and I never stay up all night cuz it makes me cranky but I just couldn’t stop! What’s even more absurd is I totally suck at it! GTA V is out; I wasn’t gonna get it cuz I thought the franchise was pretty burned but this is pretty good! (Not enough to keep me up all night 🙂 ) There’s a pretty good zombie game out, too; I’m not very good at it but it’s fun, too.

Countdown to Xbox One!

From what I’ve seen, Xbox One looks really sweet! I’m still spending most of my time on Minecraft and the new Bioshock Infinite DLC, which I finished yesterday.