Monthly Archives: May 2013

Bioshock Infinite

I love this game; I’ve maxed out both Bioshocks before this, but this is by far my favorite. I’m in the middle of the “1999-mode scavenger hunt” playthrough, currently grinding for cash and gear. It’s pretty boring but I know having cash and gear really really make a difference later on when it REALLY gets tough. But, honestly, the idea of using hotdogs and bananas for healing items never quite set right with me….and then this morning my husband pointed me to this parody on You Tube:

It is hilarious! I was literally on the floor holding my sides laughing so hard! If anyone out there is playing Bioshock Infinite, this is an absolute must see!

Forza 4’s got me kind of ticked off:

In Forza 4 I have quite the garage filled with probably 50 cars; well maintained and upgraded, but each and every one of them is painted a distinct shade of pink. Yep, even my high-end R1 Porsches. Yesterday
I was looking for a a car to complete my 9 competition year and right in the middle of my lovely pink cars was a mediocre yellow car that I didn’t ask for, not did I buy in an auction (One of the cool features of Forza 4) Upon closer inspection I discovered that not only I was unable to paint it pink to fit in with my other cars, nor could I make any mechanical changes or upgrades to it, I could not remove this car from my gargage unless I purchased it and the DLC package it was associated with!
I’ve bought some DLC packages from TopGear by choice not force. Looking at it closely it even has a DLC tag across the corner of it. Now I’m not going to quit playing just because it but I must say this is one of the tackiest marketing ploy I have come across. Their comment was that I could do whatever I wanted to this vehicle AFTER I purchased it and the DLC package it was associated with!