Monthly Archives: April 2013

Forza 4 and Horizon

Wow! I never thought I would like driving games but I just love Forza 4 and I just got Forza Horizon the other day. I like it especially because you can free-roam if you want to and the graphics are amazing! Mostly though I’m playing Bioshock Infinite. This is my second play-through but on a much harder difficulty. To anyone who is playing Bioshock Infinite on either hard or 1999 mode there is a guy who has a chapter-by-chapter video walk-through with commentary that is awesome. Not only that but they are enjoyable, too; I highly recommend them if you need help. His tag is The Seraphim17 and his videos are at

I can’t say enough good things about him. He has other walkthroughs, too; I think he’s done over 2,000 of them all in all but I’ve watched more than 20 and they where all supper-helpful, incredibly well-done and just plain fun to watch! I didn’t ask before I posted his sight but it’s public. Still it’s kind of rude not to do so so I’m going to that right now.

Game on, everyone!