Monthly Archives: November 2012

Rockband Blitz

I think I’m on my 10th controller due to the button massing involved with Rockband Blitz. Still I really like that game; it’s relaxing, too. Oh, well…

Xbox’s new recommendation engine

When Xbox did all those updates a few weeks ago it added a recommendation engine that makes recommendations to games in response to games you’ve played or shown interest in. But as I was browsing around I noticed it was suggesting ‘Splatterhouse” in response to both the full game ‘Naughty Bear” (who’s a sociopath teddy bear) and the new arcade ‘Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise’ (which I only have the trial for.)  Now I know that Naughty Bear, by far, is no angel; but Splatterhouse? Yikes! As I recall that was the voted the bloodiest game of E3 in 2008. I have it, too, and it is pretty gruesome!

I Love Fez!

Man; thing I’ve really been enjoying is the arcade game “Fez” I didn’t think I would what with the 8-bit graphics and all, but it’s been really fun!  I just haven’t been able to get into the new Assassins Creed which is a shame  because the first two were among my favorites. Right now it’s mostly been Borderlands 2, Fez, Skyrim and Rock Band Blitz