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Bioshock Infinite

I love this game; I’ve maxed out both Bioshocks before this, but this is by far my favorite. I’m in the middle of the “1999-mode scavenger hunt” playthrough, currently grinding for cash and gear. It’s pretty boring but I know having cash and gear really really make a difference later on when it REALLY gets tough. But, honestly, the idea of using hotdogs and bananas for healing items never quite set right with me….and then this morning my husband pointed me to this parody on You Tube:

It is hilarious! I was literally on the floor holding my sides laughing so hard! If anyone out there is playing Bioshock Infinite, this is an absolute must see!

Forza 4’s got me kind of ticked off:

In Forza 4 I have quite the garage filled with probably 50 cars; well maintained and upgraded, but each and every one of them is painted a distinct shade of pink. Yep, even my high-end R1 Porsches. Yesterday
I was looking for a a car to complete my 9 competition year and right in the middle of my lovely pink cars was a mediocre yellow car that I didn’t ask for, not did I buy in an auction (One of the cool features of Forza 4) Upon closer inspection I discovered that not only I was unable to paint it pink to fit in with my other cars, nor could I make any mechanical changes or upgrades to it, I could not remove this car from my gargage unless I purchased it and the DLC package it was associated with!
I’ve bought some DLC packages from TopGear by choice not force. Looking at it closely it even has a DLC tag across the corner of it. Now I’m not going to quit playing just because it but I must say this is one of the tackiest marketing ploy I have come across. Their comment was that I could do whatever I wanted to this vehicle AFTER I purchased it and the DLC package it was associated with!

Forza 4 and Horizon

Wow! I never thought I would like driving games but I just love Forza 4 and I just got Forza Horizon the other day. I like it especially because you can free-roam if you want to and the graphics are amazing! Mostly though I’m playing Bioshock Infinite. This is my second play-through but on a much harder difficulty. To anyone who is playing Bioshock Infinite on either hard or 1999 mode there is a guy who has a chapter-by-chapter video walk-through with commentary that is awesome. Not only that but they are enjoyable, too; I highly recommend them if you need help. His tag is The Seraphim17 and his videos are at

I can’t say enough good things about him. He has other walkthroughs, too; I think he’s done over 2,000 of them all in all but I’ve watched more than 20 and they where all supper-helpful, incredibly well-done and just plain fun to watch! I didn’t ask before I posted his sight but it’s public. Still it’s kind of rude not to do so so I’m going to that right now.

Game on, everyone!

Bioshock Infinite is out!

Bioshock Infinite was released today after a few set-backs and delays but as soon as I got my hands on it I must say it is stunningly awesome! IGN gave it a well-deserved 9.5 rating and I agree totally and I haven’t even started the actual game-play! The graphics and world experience of the game in itself have been mesmerizing enough! I got Tomb Raider, too; I started it only to have a save file. It’s supposed to be really good too. I’ve been waiting for Bioshock and even played Mirvana’s Den from Bioshock 2 just to get back in the feel of things.

It was worth the wait, I can say that much!

Forza Motorsports 4

I’m now on my third or fourth Xbox console this year; I have been really burning through them, that’s for sure. Last year was even worse and I have at least 30 Xbox controller battery packs laying around. When I got this current Xbox it came with a copy of Forza Motorsports 4. I gave it a go a few days ago; I’m really much more a RPG or shooter type gamer but Forza’s actually pretty fun! I was able, after jumping through more hoops than I care to elaborate on, to start a Motor club online with a shared garage and all that. If anyone is interested in joining the club name is Stop4Nothing. I have some pretty decent cars in the shared garage, including an A Class 2010 Peugeot RCZ and a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 492. Fair warning though; although anyone is welcome to join every car in my garage is varying shades of hot pink. Still, if you can over look that I’d love to have you aboard! my tag is O4Q2 judogrrl. I myself am only level 15, but I do enjoy some of the unique aspects of the game like car bowling and such and the race sites all over the world. I was fortunate to visit many of these sites when I was growing up, like Athens, Greece and Silverstone, England.

Send me a note if you’re interested!



Skyrim Rocks!

Skyrim is my favorite game of all times (for now) I actually broke, I mean broke! 3 game disks and wore out 4 Xbox consoles mostly playing Skyrim. I finally bought the downloadable game instead of a disk mostly because I was too embarrassed to go back to GameStop for a 4th disk. I like the DLC, too; especially Dragonborn. I didn’t like the vampire one that much but I want the achievements so I’m saving it for later.

Dead Space 3

Playing Dead Space 3 now; I played the first 2 into the ground. This one is different than the first 2 and in spite of the poor reviews, I’m having a blast with it. I got the DLC upgrade for my scavenger-bot that turns it into a smart-ass among other things and it makes comments along the way like “If find anymore limbs lying around I’m going to have to call the police; you haven’t been shooting the limbs off people, have you sir?”

I’m only on chapter 5 and yes, it is buggy and repetitive but I don’t think it deserves the reviews it has been getting. I’ve got Bioshock Infinite on pre-order and I can’t wait for it! I played the first 2 Bioshock games into the ground, too.

Rockband Blitz

I think I’m on my 10th controller due to the button massing involved with Rockband Blitz. Still I really like that game; it’s relaxing, too. Oh, well…

Xbox’s new recommendation engine

When Xbox did all those updates a few weeks ago it added a recommendation engine that makes recommendations to games in response to games you’ve played or shown interest in. But as I was browsing around I noticed it was suggesting ‘Splatterhouse” in response to both the full game ‘Naughty Bear” (who’s a sociopath teddy bear) and the new arcade ‘Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise’ (which I only have the trial for.)  Now I know that Naughty Bear, by far, is no angel; but Splatterhouse? Yikes! As I recall that was the voted the bloodiest game of E3 in 2008. I have it, too, and it is pretty gruesome!

I Love Fez!

Man; thing I’ve really been enjoying is the arcade game “Fez” I didn’t think I would what with the 8-bit graphics and all, but it’s been really fun!  I just haven’t been able to get into the new Assassins Creed which is a shame  because the first two were among my favorites. Right now it’s mostly been Borderlands 2, Fez, Skyrim and Rock Band Blitz