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I Love Fez!

Man; thing I’ve really been enjoying is the arcade game “Fez” I didn’t think I would what with the 8-bit graphics and all, but it’s been really fun!¬† I just haven’t been able to get into the new Assassins Creed which is a shame¬† because the first two were among my favorites. Right now it’s mostly been Borderlands 2, Fez, Skyrim and Rock Band Blitz

Where are all the bunnies?

I’ve been playing Skyrim for some time now, and have been through several characters; even have one up to level 64 if you can believe it, but you know you they have in the stats for ”bunnies slaughtered?” That was my favorite thing to do some times when I wasn’t beating up giants. Now they’re all but gone! I haven’t seen a single one in days!

OH YES! Finally!

I know from the bottom of my gaming heart that Bejewed 3 cheats. I just do. On the Diamond digger option, you get to within 10 meters of where you need to be for the achievement and then bam! it slows down. finally got it just now. I still think it cheats, but the cheeevo is mine!